About Us

Markus and Heidi met in 2003 while rock climbing. At that time, Markus had recently returned from traveling for much of the past three years and Heidi was planning to quit her marketing executive job to travel around the world for a year. After dating for just eight months, they got married in Thailand and returned to Orange County to start a career together in real estate. Today they are top real estate agents in Orange County and can be reached at www.MarkusandHeidi.com.

Both love to travel and had traveled extensively before they met. Heidi’s German father and Peruvian mother encouraged her to see the world and she grew up experiencing many exciting adventures such as hot air ballooning across the US and tracing the route of the Rhein River in Germany. Heidi has visited many countries and considers the year she spent in Spain as an exchange student especially memorable. Heidi received an MBA in international business and spent many years as a successful marketing executive, finding time to travel to exotic destinations every year.

Markus grew up spending every other summer in Germany visiting his German mother’s family and traveling throughout Europe as a tag-a-long with his father’s high school German students on bicycle tours of Europe. After graduating from UCLA, Markus traveled throughout Latin America for a full year and became permanently addicted to exploring the world. To this day he has visited 50 countries and looks forward to visiting many more.

Beside her love for travel, Heidi enjoys rock climbing and has always tried to make time to head to the local deserts for climbing trips. Her favorite climbing destination is Railay Beach in Thailand where massive jungle-covered limestone towers offer challenging routes right on the shores if crystalline blue tropical water.

Rock climbing for Markus is one aspect of his true love, mountaineering. His greatest climbing accomplishment is the solo summit of 22,890ft Cerro Aconcagua in the Andes Mountains of Argentina. He also loves surfing, snowboarding, and exploring in his LandCruiser.