Modifications and Baseline Maintenance

*The basics were completed by the prior owner but Markus did most of the modifications and all of the maintenance.

  • 1997 Toyota LandCruiser Collector’s Edition. White exterior, oak interior. 150,xxx miles.
  • ARB front winch bumper.
  • ARB running board rock sliders with front fender bars.
  • Warn M12000 winch.
  • Snorkle.
  • Hella Rally 4000 lights – Six total: Two Euro pattern on bumper wired to high beam. Two pencil beam on roof wired to center console switch. Two wide driving lights on       roof to illuminate left and right wired to center console switch. Wiring routed to roof through D pillar and drilled through roof to roof rack.
  • Kaymar rear tow bumper with dual swingouts: First swingout with spare tire. Second swingout with custom built carrier for three jerry cans.
  • BF Goodrich All Terrain AT 315/75/16 tires.
  • OME long shocks.
  • OME 419 front and 868 rear heavy duty springs for 3.5” lift.
  • FrontRunner 45 gallon auxiliary gas tank. (Total onboard fuel capacity of 70 gallons). Fills via an OEM dual filler neck without restrictor to accommodate any fuel nozzle in any country. Fuel transfer to main tank via a transfer pump activated by an OEM “Subtank” switch on dash. Aux tank level measured by OEM overhead gauge with altimeter.
  • Gear ratio at differentials re-geared to 4.56:1 to mimic original ratio factoring for increased tire size.
  • Dual battery system: Starting battery controls all factory accessories. Sears Diehard Platinum AGM auxiliary battery controls winch, auxiliary lights, CB, air compressor, fridge, and link to trailer charging circuit. Both batteries can be linked or isolated manually via a Painless Wiring solenoid controlled by a dash switch.
  • On-board air system: Consists of a high capacity dual piston 12v compressor hardwired in rear quarter panel and a three gallon air tank mounted to a frame rail under the chassis with a quick connect coupler at the rear bumper. Compressor is turned on and off by a dash switch and is wired to a pressure switch in the air tank to always keep at least 80 psi in the tank.
  • Husky floor liners.
  • Specter Offroad waterproof seat covers.
  • Cobra CB mounted in the original ashtray location in the dash.
  • Custom rear drawer for tool and recovery equipment storage.
  • 12v power junction box: Located in rear quarter panel with #4 able to auxiliary battery to power fridge, compressor, roof lights, and any other high draw accessories.
  • Ravelco engine immobilizer anti-theft device.

Baseline Maintenance completed:

Rebuilt: Front axle, rear axle, starter motor, power steering pump.

Replaced: A/C compressor, radiator and all hoses, thermostat, water pump, fan clutch with high viscosity oil, all vacuum lines, spark plugs/wires/distributor, valve cover gasket, front and rear U-joints, rear differential pinyon seal.

Most recent Blackstone Labs oil analysis shows oil is in perfect condition and there are no signs of coolant mixing in oil which could indicate a pending head gasket failure.

Pending maintenance: Replace alternator with a high output version to handle the heavy electrical load of the truck’s accessories and the trailer. Address minor oil leaks. Eventual engine rebuild for preventative maintenance purposes.